Windows 10 Setup

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Set up and configuration of an operating system requires you be familiar with the process before you begin. In order to help, I suggest  you view the YouTube video tutorials below. Be sure to have notepaper and pen when watching them. Pause and take notes as needed. You will need to refer to them again. Tip: ALWAYS perform a Custom installation, never the Express installation.

How to install, reinstall, upgrade, and activate Windows 10 

Windows 10 – A Beginners Guide – 37:54

5 Things You Should Do After Upgrading to Windows 10 – 08:26

15 Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Now – 10:27

10 Advanced Windows That Will Surprise you – 12:23

Now that  you have viewed these YouTube videos I’m sure you see there is a great deal to do in order to configure MS Windows 10 to fit your personal preferences.

How to use Windows 10’s built-in firewall

How to change the default browser in Windows

Top 8 Things to do with a new Windows 10 system – This article, by Martin Brinkmann at, is excellent. Very good suggestions complete with screenshots to assist you. Highly recommended.

  • Good Advice: If the two videos prompted you to realize that there is more to the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system than you know, then you should strive to learn all you can about your operating system. 
  • If you learn Windows 10 OS then you will have the basic tools to do just about anything on your computer that you desire. I suggest that you enroll in a course to teach you all the various nuances of this software. There are online courses. Some free and some require payment. For online instruction I suggest that you logon to Ed2Go and locate the course of your choice. They are reasonably priced and quite comprehensive. Your local community colleges offer technology courses as well.
  • You will also find free Windows 10 tutorials at GCFLearnFree.Org. This website has approximately 125 different tutorial on an extremely wide variety of subject material. 
  • With this knowledge you will find your educational study to be an excellent foundation to enable you to feel confident with Windows, Apple OS X, Linux Mint, or any other software package in the future.  
  •  If all you do is learn how to send e-mail, surf the internet, and logon to Facebook, then you will experience periodic frustration and stress. The choice is, as always, yours.