Educational Resources


For those of you that are interested in furthering your knowledge about computers here are some links to sites that will be of interest to you. Some offer completely free courses while others are commercial sites. However, the commercial sites usually have a small selection of free courses available.  Some of the sites offer courses in a wide variety of topics so explore each of them till you find what best suits your needs.

Webmaster comments: Since this site is devoted primarily to the novice user I would like to suggest to you a bit of advice learned over many years in the information technology profession. For those of you that wish to become proficient and knowledgeable computer users, you can achieve this goal by doing one thing. You can take the time to thoroughly learn all the features and functions of your operating system, no matter if it’s Microsoft Windows, macOS Sierra, or Linux. All these functions will relate in large measure to almost any software application that you elect to use.

The few individuals who do this are usually very capable of using their computer with efficiency, require very little if any tech support, and enjoy their computing experience at a very high level. The majority of users who simply want to use social media, e-mail, post pictures, surf the internet, and learn nothing more have the vast majority of problems and experience the highest level of frustration. After a while, it ceases to be fun. Of course they also part with a tidy sum of money to a support technician who is grateful for the work, most of which could have been solved and corrected by the user with a solid working knowledge of their operating system. It’s a sure formula for stress, aggravation, and needless hits in the wallet. In my opinion, it’s rather unfortunate. Sad is a better term I do believe. This is advice straight from the heart, meant to help you, my faithful readers, who I appreciate greatly. I hope that it helps. —- Lee 

Current available educational opportunities

Google launches professional IT certificate, 10,000 scholarships available (01/16/18)

For those of you who are planning to attend an online college or university, you should be concerned about proper accreditation of the institution which you are considering. For more good information on this important subject click here.  

Free College Classes Online and How to Find them – Some of the entries in the article are duplicates of others mentioned below. However, pay close attention to the suggested Google search string at the end of the article to find even more.

Alison – Over 750 free courses offered. Many courses presented are certificate or diploma level .

Code Academy – Learn to code interactively for free

Coursea – Free courses from top Universities

Ed2Go – Ed2Go courses are available through your local community colleges. Go to this site, enter your zip code, and it will guide you to the college nearest you. Courses are offered in IT hardware and software, Business, Math, Science, and a wide spectrum of choices.

EdX – Subject titles include Computer Science, math, business, and many college level courses. A bit on the expensive side but excellent training. They also offer some free courses as well.

FutureLearn – A very deep site with many courses over a wide variety of subjects. Cost free.

GCFLearnFree – Approximately 125 free tutorials from which to choose. Subjects cover Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Social media, and more.

Lynda: Online courses, class, training, tutorials – Over 4,000 courses. 10-day free trial, basic membership $20 per month, premium membership $30 per month

Open Culture – 1200 free courses and many other features as well. All material on this site is free.

OpenLearn – Many courses on a variety of subjects. All courses are free.

Udacity – Many courses including Nanodegree Programs

Udemy – Courses in Business, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Marketing, Photography, and more. Pricing for the commercial courses appears to be a bit high now. All their courses are now priced from $20 to $50, a very reasonable range of affordability. They offer free courses as well.