New Computer? Now What!


At this point you have your location, furniture, and all other items in place to begin the setup and installation of your new computer. Let’s get started!

  1.    Unpacking your new computer
  • The boxes in which your new computer is packed will undoubtedly be sealed with high quality shipping tape. Carefully take a knife and insert only the tip of the knife into the tape to cut it open so that you do not damage the components inside.
  • Be sure to gently remove all styrofoam, plastic coverings, and any other packing material. DO NOT destroy or dispose of the boxes or packing material.
  • Once the computer is unpacked, clear the immediate area of these materials so that you will have an uncluttered work space.
  • Temporarily store the boxes and packing material in a convenient place for at least 60 days. In the event that you need to return the computer for any reason some vendors require that it be returned in the original packing.

2.   Placing components

  • Now you have your computer and all related components unpacked, so it is time to place each component on your furniture where you desire.
  • Once in place you should make sure all cables are long enough to be successfully connected. If not, you may need to relocate some of your components. There is also the possibility  you will need to purchase extension cables. See your vendor for the proper selections.
  • Be sure to refer to the installation documentation that is included with your computer to insure that you are installing all cables in their proper location.


  • You are now ready to power on your new computer and begin the configuration of your Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.