Web Browser Tips

Periodically tips for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers become available, especially as new versions are released and will post the updated tips as they are published. I sincerely hope that you find this helpful.

Browser Security

What is malware? Everything you need to know about viruses, trojans, and malicious software (02/28/18)

Google Chrome: Beware these malicious extensions that record everything you do (02/02/18)

10 Popular accounts that should have two-factor authentication enabled  (02/01/18) Webmaster:  Excellent advice. Wholeheartedly recommended


The 100 Best free Google Chrome extensions (03/02/18)

How to move/copy mail from one Gmail account to another (02/28/18)

The 25 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail (02/18/18)

In security push, Chrome will soon mark every HTTP page as “non-secure” (02/08/18)

Windows Chrome users: Tech support scams try new trick to freeze your browser (02/07/18)

How to clear your cache in every major browser (02/05/18)

How to use Google Chrome like a Pro (01/27/18)

How to turn off reminder ads in your Google account (01/26/18)

Tusk KeePass password web browser extension (01/17/18)

Fun with Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks Webmaster: really great article with LOADS of good information.

Chrome keyboard shortcuts – Although primarily for Google Chrome most of these will also perform well on Firefox. Try them out. Some will become quite handy to use.

20 Killer Google Chrome tips and tricks you can’t miss for sure


Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 is a security release (03/16/18)

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for Firefox released (03/14/18)

Mozilla removes individual cookie management in Firefox 60 from preferences (02/26/18)

Search across all Firefox tabs with Search Multi-Tabs (02/23/18)

Dark Reader dark theme extension for Firefox (02/21/18)

How to enable Tracking Protection in Firefox Quantum (02/20/18)

Firefox 60 with new preference to disable FTP (02/20/18)

The 18 best Firefox Quantum extensions (02/12/18)

Firefox’s upcoming bookmark sync improvements address long-standing issues (02/05/18)

Firefox 58 arrives with tracker blocking to make browsing faster, and fixes for dozens of security flaws (01/24/18)

Firefox 58.0 release overview (01/22/18)

Firefox Quantum eats RAM like Chrome (01/20/18)

Mozilla: Firefox 58 will be faster than Quantum, thanks to this one feature (01/18/18)

Tusk KeePass password web browser extension (01/17/18)

How to stay safe when downloading Firefox extensions (01/16/18)

26 Neat Firefox About:Config tricks you need to learn

The 14 Best Firefox add-ons of 2017